Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Science in my daily life!


We all have been doing this and loving it even more each time we did it, since as a child....

............blowing bubbles out of a plastic or metal ring, using soap solution.

No trip to a fun-fair, mela or exhibition was complete without buying that tiny bundle of joy.

It was not just another experiment in my class, but an activity with so much fun and full of learning as well.

As the ongoing theme was 'Fun with Air'. So, to really have fun with air, I took up this 'bubble blowing activity' in my class.

I used a shampoo to prepare a thick soapy solution. Then I made two rings, one smaller and the other one slightly bigger, out of thin aluminium wire.  Now, I was all set to surprise my class children with this fun-filled activity. 

As we set out in the open ground, children were thrilled to realise that we were actually going to blow bubbles and enjoy ourselves.

They tried it out at various places and finally discovered that it was really difficult to blow proper bubbles in a place more windy than in a place which was less windy. So we chose a calmer place alongside the building.

Children took turns to blow the bubbles; ones who could blow successfully with the bigger ring, they were given two more bonus chances.

The discussions afterwards included below given questions-

1- Why some of us could not blow from the bigger ring?
2- Why some bubbles came out very big and some pretty small?
3- How could we see rainbow colours in some of the bubbles?
4- Why they burst after a while or on touching?

So, while finding answers to these; lots of things, ranging from 'scattering of light', to 'how much air one can blow out' to 'respiration' to 'photosynthesis' to 'short and long life span', came out. It really got children thinking.

"Learning is always fun."


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

पहेलियाँ या कविताएँ!!!

प्रिय मित्रों!
अध्यापन का कार्य व्यक्ति को किस-किस प्रकार के नित-नए अनुभव कराता है, यह शायद एक अध्यापक से अधिक कोई नही समझ सकता| 

हाल ही में बच्चों ने अपनी चौथी की हिन्दी पाठ्य-पुस्तक, 'रिमझिम', में एक पाठ पढ़ा- "कौन?" | 
'श्री सोहनलाल द्विवेदी' द्वारा लिखी गयी इस कविता में एक शरारती जीव की शरारतों के बारे में बता कर उसका नाम पूछा गया है| बच्चे तो तुरंत ही समझ गए कि यह 'चूहे' के बारे में है|       
यह एक बहुभाषिक कविता है जिसमे कई अरबी-फारसी के शब्द हैं|

इसके बाद बच्चों नें अपनी समझ से किसी भी एक जीव पर ऎसी ही कविता लिखने का तय किया| 

आपसे यह जानकारी बाँटते हुए बहुत खुशी हो रही है कि ‘कौन?’ पाठ के आधार पर बच्चों ने बहुत ही सुन्दर पहेली-रूपी कवितायेँ लिखीं| 
कुछ  इस प्रकार से...........

१-   जीवन है चलने का नाम, रुकने का नहीं कोई काम, 
     मौन साधे चलती जाऊं, कभी ना करूँ विश्राम, 
     चलती सदा ही मैं पंक्ति में, सोती नहीं मैं सुबह या शाम|
     गहरा सबक मेरे जीवन का यह सब को सिखलाता है,
     एक साथ होकर ही हर काम पूरा हो जाता है|
     मेहनत और अनुशासन है हमेशा अपनाना, 
     नसीहत मेरी लेकर तुम भी आगे बढ़ते जाना|  
     ज़रा नाम तो मेरा बतलाना!
                                              द्वारा - "अर्चित भुराडिया” 

२-  चुपके से घुस जाता घर में, कर देता सबकुछ उलट-पलट, 
    खाना ढूँढता इधर-उधर, फिर-फिर आ जाता भगाने पर|
    उनकी आवाज़ सुन कर के बड़े-बच्चे हैं घबराते, 
    लेकिन बहुत भरोसेमंद हैं वो, बोलो क्या कहलाते? 
                                               द्वारा - "भव्य छाजेड़” 

३-  सबके मन को भाने वाली, रंग-बिरंगे पंखों वाली, 
    फूलों पर मंडराने वाली, सीधे सरल स्वभाव वाली,
    मधुरस को पीने वाली, बच्चों को लगती है प्यारी, 
    बताओ कौन है ये राजदुलारी?
                                               द्वारा- "सूर्यांश जैन” 


...........एक सचित्र कविता भी!

द्वारा- दिव्य जाजोदिआ

बच्चों को कभी बच्चा न समझें ......
...क्या खूब कही, क्या खूब रही......पहेलियाँ या कवितायें!! 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Science in my daily life

Science in My Everyday Life- 'Show And Tell'

"Show and Tell' is a very common and effective learning tool for development of public speaking skills. It not only develops the confidence of children but also helps them look deeper into things that might seem quite ordinary otherwise. 

This activity was taken in class as we had finished our plan and still had 2 more periods. I thought of utilizing the time and learn en route. Children were asked to pick up any object from inside the classroom and describe it relating to Science. The objective was to develop understanding of 'Science in our daily life'... and........................
……. as always children amazed me with their responses. 

Chaitanya Nair with her ecofriendly, biodegaradable notebook, made out of waste sugarcane pulp.

Parth Goyal picked up the class’s ‘Birthday-flowerpot’ and spoke, at length, about the importance of flowers and trees in our life. He ended his talk with a social message ‘plant more and more trees’.

Prutha Bhalerao- "This is a pencil. It is made of wood. I write with it." She received a thunderous applause from her friends.

Pranav Kharbanda picked up the chair on which he was sitting and spoke about the materials it is made up of, its design, how it supports our back etc. etc. 

Anant said- “Ye meri pani ki botal hai, ye plastic ki hai, plastic achcha nahi hota lekin pani bahut achcha hota hai, pani hamare liye bahut zaroori hota hai". 

It was indeed a great session of “Show and tell”. :)